As a young nation strove, a small group of people took up the unique responsibility to nurture WorkNation Consultancy Services from small pieces to make it big picture.

WorkNation Consultancy Services is a startup company with Product Engineering and Software Development services. Company headquartered at Bangalore, India. WorkNationhas served as a leading provider of Talent Acquisition Solutions to reputed Indian and global clients in a dynamic global economy. We are Trusted Advisors to both our clients and our candidates. Our specialties include providing relevant talent solutions to a cross section of industries including the Technology, Outsourcing, Electronics, Telecom, Manufacturing, Pharma, Consumer Goods, Engineering and the Services industry.

Our team is young, enthusiastic and passionate individuals who possess rich global experience and have worked in leading Product and IT Services Company in India and Abroad. Our strategic, technical and creative personnel collaborate to address the full range of end-to-end solutions required to meet the increasingly large and complex needs of our client’s. The industry in which we operate is time-to-market sensitive, and we believe that we provide faster project delivery due to our expertise. Our team has experience in creating and growing delivery centers for several software development companies. Our experience of working with software companies, uniquely & strongly positions WorkNation Consultancy Services as a company that provides full range of development services.

WHY WorkNation Consultancy Services IT Resources?

The finest IT Professionals from around the world and hundreds of fortune 500 companies recognise WorkNation Consultancy Services as the innovator in IT recruitment.

WorkNation Consultancy Services IT Resources,places IT professionals across various industries including:

  • High Tech & Consulting
  • Banking & Finance
  • Manufacturing & Logistics
  • Oil & Gas
  • Telecommunications
  • Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

Committed to Service & Quality

WorkNation Consultancy Services IT Resources,takes great pride in the unified structure, consistent service and the WorkNation Consultancy Services Quality Manageement System we offer globally to our customers. We maintain absolute dedication to every account, providing a single point of contact, high level planning and Implementatin,local/regional subject matter expetise, and long-term commitment. We provide value-added benefits in a variety of areas related to delivery, performance, Supply chain, Process.Cost and administration.

Solutions Approach

At WorkNation Consultancy Services IT resources , we know that no two customers are alike, and in order to support your needs most effectively. We work closely with you to gain a clear understanding of your goals and objectives. With this strong foundation, We are able to determine the most effective solution for your IT needs and then find the right people to staff your requirement.We identify qualified candidates and recruit through a network of professional channels to reach candidates whose skills match the specific IT displines you require. Our standars and expectations are high, and we stand for integrity and quality in all we do. Whether your needs are executive or technical, full-time or contract, WorkNation Consultancy Services IT Resources, provides you access to motivated IT professionals to accomplish your goals.

Global Network -Best practices

We pool the best practices from our global network of offices to develop the best solutions for each customers, We have active communication programmes and shared dadabases of best practices.

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