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WorkNation Consultancy Services IT resources, speacialises in providing comprehensive technology recruitment services in that:

Executive search

Understanding all aspects of our clients' needs is a process we gladly undertake. This is because we know that Executive search is not only a highly confidential operation, but one that requires considerable time and commitment.

Our consultants are trained to analyse your hiring needs and corporate environment. This enables them to identify suitable talent whose technical capabilities and soft skills match the DNA of your organisation. To meet increasing needs and challenges, Our team of consultants and researchers have perfected their own active search techniques which have proven to be a success in helping WorkNation Consultancy Services IT resources, target the right candidate in the shortest possible time. We employ a comprehensive dada bank of executive talent from a wide range of industries while constantly gathering dada on top calibre professionals in various IT vendor firms as well as end-user organizations.

Advertised Selection

In order to target up to 90% of the available executive talent in the market , WorkNation Consultancy Services IT resources maximises response to our clients, positions by employing the relevent media and utilising professional copywriting. We are constantly monitoring developments in the media to be able to identify the most appropriate advertising strategy for the postion at hand. In addition to confidentiality,the WorkNation Consultancy Services services international corporate brand is able to attract quality human capital through our advertised selection services.

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